Splash, Swirl, and Spill – Ad Film for WBC

“This, very high-quality ad film, was executed by <name of a reputable advertising agency>. Aap aisa bana paoge?” (will you be able to create something like this?)

When Mr. Vikas Dutt heard this question, his instant reaction was: why not better than them?

Nevertheless, this question echoed in my mind at every little stumble on the way…

but in the end… We did it!

As an advertising photography veteran, Mr. Vikas Dutt was confident that we will provide the most appealing images for the launch of Wild Bean Café (WBC) in India. Creating their ad films was a challenge he was excited to take on.

Our assignment was to create visuals that would tempt highway travelers to stop by and buy WBC’s delicious snacks and drinks on the go.

Shoot Day

The morning air of shoot day was buzzing with a spirit of zeal. Despite their ultra-busy exhausting schedules, the entire team was motivated and excited to be on set.

As the hours passed, and evening time set in, everyone’s excitement had toned down but our determination carried us to successful completion.


The Real Learning

The most important lesson we took back from this shoot day was: don’t wear white pants and shoes while shooting colorful, chocolatey drinks because they spill! 😛

The Team

Keemaya Productions team, led by Mr. and Mrs. Jaiswal, is one of StudioOnCloud’s most trusted partners! Given their years of expertise, we can always rely on them to identify the perfect talent for such shoots.

They knew that Chef Trupti was the perfect food stylist for this project. She quickly became the backbone of this project. Her passion for perfection and a frivolous attitude toward her work makes her such a sorted professional.

Another – in fact, the most important – key player in this project was the WBC team. Unlike the usual, slightly imperious clients (although all our clients are lovely), the WBC team was the most supportive.

Mr. Manikya and Mr. Sachin from the WBC team were always there to give the right advice, so we could take the best decisions during the shoot. They encouraged us to explore our creativity while ensuring the perfect showcase of their brand product.

Throughout this project, StudioOnCloud, Keemaya Productions, Trupti Food Styling, and WBC, came together as a single team. We worked towards the unified goal of creating the best work for ourselves and for the brand.

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Trupti Food Styling by Chef Trupti