Find What You Seek – Incredible India

An allegory on perspective

The “Find What You Seek” slogan from the “Incredible India” campaign is a remarkable distillation of communication strategy and creative thinking. Its genius lies in its brevity and seeming simplicity, yet it embodies the breadth and depth of the Indian experience, showcasing the profound understanding and finesse of the copywriter.

By succinctly stating “Find What You Seek,” the campaign offers an immediate yet open-ended engagement with its audience. It’s an invitation and a challenge, compelling the audience to ponder and project their own expectations, desires, and aspirations onto the canvas: that is India. The beauty of this tagline lies in its inherent acknowledgment of the plurality of perspectives—it caters to each individual’s subjective understanding and experience, be it a local inhabitant or an international tourist.

 In this sense, the tagline transcends traditional geographical, cultural, and demographic boundaries. Parallelly, its reality is made whole by the infinitesimal perspectives of the aforementioned diversity. It conveys a truth central to human experience: our perception of reality is influenced by our unique backgrounds, experiences, and individual yearnings. As such, the campaign doesn’t merely offer a one-dimensional view of India but serves as a mirror, reflecting back to the observer their own desires and interpretations.

In this regard, the “Find What You Seek” campaign, with its profound encapsulation of perspective diversity, reflects a greater understanding of both the human psyche and the vibrant nuances of India. It is a testament to the campaign’s—and by extension, the creators’ – elegant ability to communicate a vast, complex message about India’s diversity within the compact confines of a short tagline. The campaign successfully turns the beholder’s gaze inward, prompting introspection about what they seek, thereby becoming a powerful allegory of perspectives.

Therefore, the tagline isn’t just about promoting tourism—it’s a thoughtful commentary on the human condition, our innate longing to seek, to explore, to understand, and to find meaning. The genius lies in acknowledging the existence of myriad perspectives, embracing them, and presenting India as a platform where these perspectives can converge, diverge, and co-exist, much like the country itself. This is the true brilliance of the “Find What You Seek” campaign.


Campaign: Incredible India

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Gurgaon, India

Creative: Gaurav Nautiyal, Jossy Raphael

Art Direction: Kanika Sethi

Copy: Rich Jain

Photography: Vikas Dutt