Paneer Tikka or Paneer Pakora?

Rakhi was sitting in front of a grand buffet breakfast at her holiday resort, but the less appetizing Paneer was stuck in her head. The unexpected requisition about photographing a plate of this paneer dish clouded her sunny vacation. Glancing upon the reference image, she wondered: is this a Paneer Tikka or a Paneer Pakora?

Being a marketing agency executive, she had to make quick decisions and set up photoshoots on very short notice. After some worrying, she suddenly remembered StudioOnCloud, which was recommended to her by a colleague.

Our team at StudioOnCloud responded to her immediately and got to work. The task at hand was to capture this Paneer Tikka and Paneer Pakora hybrid. The founder of StudioOnCloud, Mr. Vikas Dutt knew right away, that head chef Ashish was the person to style and design this shoot.
They had worked together on many projects over the last 10-15 years. “It’s always a delight to work with Vikas. Everything goes smoothly and well planned.” Mr. Ashish says. “Even though we didn’t have Vikas on the set this time, the StudioOnCloud team didn’t disappoint.”

When our food photographer, Anurag, also looked at the dish to shoot, he wondered: is this a Paneer Tikka or a Paneer Pakora?

The highly knowledgeable chef Ashish finally revealed to us all, “This is how Paneer Tikka is prepared in Telangana. It is breaded like a Pakora but served on a stick!”. For the shoot, he had creatively conceptualized and cooked up a paneer dish, visually similar to Telangana’s Tikka.
As a chef, Ashish knows how important a dish’s appearance is to appetize a customer. Marketing specialist, Rakhi is also well aware of this – a food dish must be deliciously appetizing to the eye first, and StudioOnCloud was perfect for this task of capturing the visual appeal of food.

Bon Appetit!

We use all senses to appreciate food. At first, we enjoy the food with our eyes… As the waiter flings open the kitchen and upon realizing it is our food, we get giddy and peak to see how appetizing it looks. Next, our mouths water when the aroma of the dish enters our noses. And finally, when our tongue touches the delicious food, we feel satiated.

This is the culinary experience. In order to complete the entire culinary journey, the first step needs to be just right – that is, the visual experience. That’s why restaurant businesses need to make sure that they invest in high-quality food photographs for their websites and menus. This is what attracts the foodies.

Extremely happy and relieved with the shoot’s result, Rakhi remarked “Despite such a short notice, I received a prompt response from StudioOnCloud, and everything went smoothly, just how I wanted it to be… I was recommended StudioOnCloud by someone, and after this satisfying experience, I surely would recommend it to others as well.”

Cafe Promotion Film by SOC

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