Morde Chocolates

Melt the Chocolates

“Sir, When we try to melt our chocolates, it gets burned. We don’t get the right smooth texture”

It was a big worry for the company. Both institutional and domestic customers were facing this issue. It could have damaged the reputation of the company and its product. It was enough distress for the chief chef of Morde Chocolate sitting in Mumbai corporate office. First few calls he was in denial “It is NOT POSSIBLE”, “NO! it CAN’T BE”. Then the question started brewing up in his mind. “How can it be possible”? “My chocolates are getting burned”? The chef was not ready to accept this simple story of burning chocolates. The first step was to “Test Yourself” mode. He tried melting the chocolates himself at his pad, just to experience the same issue what everyone was facing. In no time, he figured out that to achieve a certain smooth texture, the chocolates need a little more shakes and stirs with certain temperature. 

Now, telling each customer all the steps and formula was the next challenge. The Marketing and Product Development team brainstormed the idea about how to clarify and send the message across customers effectively. A step wise demo video was the need of the situation.

Morde Marketing team reached out to StudioOnCloud team to create a few demo videos where the customer gets the step wise clear guidelines. Both the teams sat together and wrote down step by step instructions and set the flow for the video. StudioOnCloud team has created 10 odd videos on different chocolates melting procedures. The steps and few videos are shared here for reference.

Morde Instructional Video-Milk Compound

Recipe to Melt Chocolate